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Help put families in a better position with personal finance planning services of Sharon B. Jones. Sharon supports schools committed to empowering families through financial education and advocating real-world learning experiences for young people. Her keynote speaking engagements and workshops along with financial coaching services help improve the financial wellbeing of families and prepare young people to be college and career ready. Let Sharon help meet your goals.

Keeping your furry pets healthy includes keeping them clean, as well. Together, this family was in the process of washing their Labrador retriever outside in the fresh air. With help from two neighbor girls, the mother, young daughter, and son, were all soaping down the dog’s coat, while the father was steadying the pet using a leash and his hand.

Keynotes & Workshops

Personal finance expert and author, Sharon B. Jones gives keynote messages on money recipes with humor and hope. Get solutions that motivate families to budget, save, improve credit, navigate financial services, and improve their financial wellbeing.


Get additional support for parents with one-on-one education and mentoring through Sharon’s Financial Life Coaching. Take control of finances, get rid of debt, and make decisions toward a lifestyle that aligns with your dreams and values.

Children in a Classroom. In the back of a classroom, are children about 11 years old with a female teacher talking about the subject - If Someone in Your Family Has Cancer. Photographer Michael Anderson

Professional Development

Make teachable money moments a priority for family engagement programs. Sharon engages family engagement teams to equip them with tools and strategies for implementing parent involvement and family engagement in financial education for pre-k to 12 students.