About Sharon

About Sharon

“We must engage and equip parents to teach young people how to apply an economic way of thinking to their decisions. Teaching kids about good financial stewardship and pursuing a career with a financial game plan is critical.” 
-Sharon B. Jones

Mission-Driven Experiences

Sharon B. Jones, Min. is founder and CEO of Teach Kids Money Management. A certified personal finance expert, author, educator, financial life coach, and keynote speaker, who for more than a decade has served leading companies, national organizations, and educational institutions to launch personal finance training programs and build effective family-school-community partnerships.

Recognized by inaugural President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy for her role as senior advisor to Committee on the Underserved, she has helped to promote better money management skills throughout America. Her dedicated work contributed to a series of historic recommendations for improving financial literacy among young people, from preschool through post-secondary education.

Sharon networks around the country campaigning for empowerment through financial education and family-school-community collaboration to offer young people real-world opportunities. Her keynote speaking engagements and workshops help increase financial capability of families and better prepare young people to be college and career ready.

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Active Volunteer

Among her numerous volunteer activities, Sharon served on the advisory board of the Academy of Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship and was also founding board member, president, and chairperson of the Greater Washington Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. She is active on the Collaboration for Excellent Parents Team, established by the National Alliance of Black School Educators' Parent Commission, and is a member of Experian Consumer Council. Sharon resides with her family in Maryland.