Sharon B. Jones' Money Recipe$ Series provides interactive resources focused on raising awareness of parents as their children's first teacher and primary role model, increasing parents’ knowledge and skills regarding financial capability strategies, and improving parent engagement in conversations and activities about money matters with their kids from an early age.

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Teaching Your Kids Early

Young people are exposed to powerful marketing targeted at them on television and the Internet. Despite earning money from chores or a job, they often overspend – with many building up debts in their teen years. Teaching kids about money early is crucial.

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Modeling Good Behavior

American families are busier than ever, but even parents who are experts at multitasking have fond memories of the values that kept their family connected, conveyed lessons of frugality, and taught the benefits of cooking healthy meals. The book, Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids, features teachable ideas and tips for parents to be a positive money management role model.

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Book Talk with Guest Author

Have Sharon as your guest author join parents for a lively conversation about her book, Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids, the guide for busy parents with simple, practical, and fun-filled strategies to teach their children about money early and instill responsible financial behavior. Informative, engage and enjoy!



Sharon’s Teach Kids Money Management initiative provides families with resources, printed and digital materials, and support including the Money Recipe$ Book, Financial Literacy Toolkit for Parent Engagement, Getting Wise About Credit Toolkit, and Family-Friendly Money Chats.


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