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Starting Early on Financial Planning

Put yourself in a better position with personal finance planning services of Sharon B. Jones. Sharon speaks to educational organizations, non-profits, businesses, and individuals about empowerment through financial education and importance of collaborating to offer young people real-world opportunities. Her keynote speaking engagements and workshops help raise the financial capability levels, and better prepare young people to be college and career ready. Let Sharon help meet your goals.

Personal and Family Financial Workshops: Getting Financially Fit 

Take advantage of Sharon’s Personal and Family Finance Workshops in person and live online series focused on getting financial fit. Learn how to shape up your finances, budget and save, understand credit, navigate financial services, and build a financially secure future for you and your family. Bring Sharon’s workshops to your educational program. Request Form

Family Financial Planning

Financial Life Coaching:
Taking Control of Your Finances

Get the one-on-one education and mentoring through Sharon’s financial life coaching. Become more self-aware, gain valuable insights, and move in the direction of your destiny by taking control of your finances, getting out of debt, and making decisions toward a lifestyle that aligns with your dreams, values and passion. Request a free consultation. Contact

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Professional Development:
Engaging and Equipping Educators

Make teachable money moments a priority in school classrooms, aftercare programs, and family engagement activities. Sharon engages educators to equip them with tools, strategies, and techniques for integrating financial education into pre-k to 12 student lessons. Request Sharon to be a speaker for your professional development events. Request Form

Teacher & Students

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