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About Sharon

“I feel deeply that young people today and future generations should not have to repeat the financial mistakes made by earlier generations. We must teach young people how to apply an economic way of thinking to their decisions. Teaching kids about good financial stewardship and pursuing a career with a financial game plan is critical.”

-Sharon  B. Jones


Sharon B. Jones is a personal finance expert, educator, and motivational speaker. She is the founder of Teach Kids Money Management and author of Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids. With experience as a licensed and certified financial professional, Sharon has a passion to see lives transformed and has been the motivating factor for many individuals and families to turn their financial setbacks into financial victories. Her dedicated work contributed to a series of recommendations that include improving financial literacy among children of all ages, from pre-school through post-secondary education.


Extensive Experience

She has been recognized by first-ever President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy for co-facilitating their first White House Roundtable on Financial Literacy and leading the Committee’s national initiatives to promote better money management skills in America. Her committed efforts also contributed to the development of the Council's first Annual Report to the President.


She has worked at some of the largest financial institutions in the New York and Washington, D.C. areas, including Chase Manhattan and Citibank, which aligned with her mission and life's purpose. At Citibank, she gained recognition in management and in company-wide programs focused on best practice financial solutions and financial education. In 1980, her efforts began to include youth empowerment; and then in 2006, advocacy of character education as it relates to financial literacy. For more than a decade, Sharon has served leading companies, national organizations, and educational institutions to launch financial education training programs and build effective family-school-community partnerships.


Sharon is an adjunct professor and financial life coach at a Maryland college and an ordained minister. She earned her degree in Communications at Temple University. In the end it was her internship within consumer banking during her years of study that set her on her course in the financial industry and delivering financial education.

Active Volunteer

Among her numerous volunteer activities, Sharon served on the advisory board of the Academy of Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship and was also founding board member, president, and chairperson of the Greater Washington Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. She is active on the Collaboration for Excellent Parents Team, established by the National Alliance of Black School Educators' Parent Commission, and is a member of Experian Consumer Council. Sharon resides with her family in Maryland.